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Recent Entires:

Whats this place all about???

This is a basic info dump of all the tips and tricks I have found useful in the years of messing around with computers, windows, linux and android. It is more for me then you guys (that is if anyone reads this). With all the different systems I have running I have been struggling to keep track of what I did to what and how I did it.

When it comes to repeating or fixing something it usually results in me going back to google and retracing my steps. I wanted to create a place that I could post and update as situations developed and progressed. I'll include as much information as possible without letting and security info out.

I will eventually write a script that allows users to register accounts to post replies to my threads and ask questions, but that is a little ways down the line.

I will include pictures and snippets but truth be told, I'm not sure how much time I will invest in formatting everything. I don't usually deal with bootstrap or lipstick. I'm more involved in the backend server side scripts and database management.

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